Jeff Bolling

Professional Animal Trainer

I have been working with and training animals for almost 30  years.  My passion for training animals started when I was a teenager when I had the opportunity to work with a trainer who trained scent dogs.  I started my professional career in 1986 in a small Zoological park in Ohio training large exotic cats.. After moving to Florida, I had my first opportunity to train and work with elephants. I fell in love with elephants right away. Over the last 30 years I have been blessed with getting to personally know and work with about 130 elephants, over 300 tigers, lions and leopards as well as many other species. Also, while persuing my career with exotic animals, I have been working with and training dogs in my personal time.  Working with elephants has fine tuned my training philosophy of being proactive in my approach and exhibiting clear leadership as well as building trust instead of using reactive dominance and a fear based relationaship.  I use this philosophy while training all animals including my own.  I currently live in Fellsmere with my wife, three children, three horses, five dogs and two cats.  

Dogs and horses have been a personal joy and passion all my life and I am excited to assist you in your journey in Learning To Lead your animal friends!